FAQ / Testimonials

These are the questions we receive very commonly from our other clients.

About Our Product

+Can I split my order between both Styles?
Yes, however there is a minimum of 100 pair per style and design (You will still receive the level pricing discount based on the total number purchased.)  

+Can I receive a Sample pair of Sunglasses?
Yes, Samples are available upon request. Fill out our Contact form and a Personal Assistant can help you.  

+What are the Prices of the Sunglasses?
Prices are based on the quantity ordered You can go to the Pricing tab at the top of the page for an in depth look or Download our Brochure HERE. For more questions contact your Personal Assistant.

+Is there an Art Work Fee?
No, All art work and sample images are free. Ask your personal assistant today!! (Disclaimer. the sample image artwork we provide is not an exact color to what your sunglasses will be. Viewing images on a computer can vary with each device and screen please refer to a physical Pantone color chart if your colors are in question. You can find these at most art or paint stores) 

+Are there Set up Fees?
Yes, Set up fees can vary depending on the quantity purchased. Orders below 200 pair will be $40 200 or above will be $30. This pricing is based on a per style basis. For more info on exact cost please contact your local Personal Assistant. 

+Are the Lenses UV Protected?
Yes, Our Sunglasses lenses are UVA and UVB rated 400.

+Are the Sunglasses Tested?
Yes, All  our sunglasses lenses must go through extensive testing and meet all FDA Standards. They are made of very Flexible and Sturdy Material Click here to see how much they can really stretch!!! 

+What is the Delivery Time on the Sunglasses?
In stock items are delivered in 3-4 week. we are limited on your color selection and these are First come First server.  (Delivery time can vary in peek season).

+How can I make sure that I choose the right colors?
If an exact color is a concern please ask for a sample of the colors in question so you can see them in person. (Disclaimer images being viewed on a device can changed depending on your device setting so getting samples is the best way to know what color your glasses will be.

Yes. This service is available for no additional charge. Please ask your personal assistant to show you an example of what you are looking for in your sample image.

+Our Return Policy
Returns are accepted on the following conditions and process, Sunglasses will be deemed returnable if they were broken before being worn all items must be inspected upon you receiving them. Items cannot be returned from normal wear and tear. We do take pride in the quality of our glasses and stand behind them however they are sunglasses and they can be broken. If after inspection you find any items broken you may ship those to 3005 Ballenger Drive Nolensville, TN 37135. We will inspect the items and if deemed defective we will replace them and return them to you and no additional cost. If we cannot fix or replace the item a credit will be given. For more information if you need help with a return please contact your local sales representative.

If you have further questions please contact your Personal Assistant or use our Contact Us Page for additional inquiries.



+Cheryl Hermann - Garden Grove, CA
Let me tell you the glasses are AWESOME!  We’ve sold 100 of them in a week and hope to sell more Friday night at our 2nd CIF playoff game.

I can’t thank you enough. I/Softball appreciates it!!!

+Dallas Moe - Antigo, WI
The sales are going great and I haven’t even brought them to our middle school yet! I have already sold ~150 and that is including one week of spring break where I didn’t sell any. Thank you for this awesome sale. I am sending out an e-mail to some of my other colleagues from other schools to hopefully get them on board with you as well. What a great fundraiser. 

+Kevin Hayes - Whispering Pines, NC
The sunglasses arrived and sales have already begun at our school. They look great and everyone love’s them. Several other teachers and coaches have said it is the most unique fundraiser the school has ever done. They arrived just in time for Christmas and I am very pleased with the results. Thanks for all you have done to help our school. Hope you have a Merry Christmas !!

+Carolyn Clayton - Clymer, PA
  The glasses are great!  The kids who pre-ordered love them! Thanks for all you help!

+Mike Stiltner - White Lake, MI
We ordered two times with Custom Shades. We used them for our travel girls softball teams here in Michigan. They are a great fundraiser and they were a huge hit. Most of the girls bought two pairs (one of each color scheme). The cool thing was being able to design the glasses in the colors we wanted.

+Mark Bartholomew - Morgantown, WV
Just wanted to thank you again! The sunglasses look great. We had a lacrosse banquet the night they arrived and we sold 12 pair immediately.

+Tricia Balingit - Valparaiso, IN
We gave our Custom Shades as incentive gifts for the kids and they loved them! Thanks Custom Shades…

+Kim Keefe - Westminster, VT
I just got our sunglasses in today and as soon I opened the box I had 4 pair sold. These are awesome!

+Dan Leiphart - Manchester, PA
Thanks again for the sunglasses everyone loves them!